Maintaining The Plumbing in Your Commercial Facility

Even commercial facilities require proper maintenance and upkeep. Often the maintenance and upkeep of these facilities can take place on a far greater scale. Nonetheless, both commercial and residential spaces require upkeep all the way down to the plumbing.


Commercial plumbing can be exhaustive, especially if it’s not being properly maintained. Seemingly small problems like leaks can cost your business a lot of money if they go unfixed. It’s a good idea to inspect your building systems for any leaks or unusual noises yearly. Start in your building’s restrooms and then move on to the larger building systems in your facility.

Lubricate Your Systems

Make sure that your domestic water booster and circulation pump systems have well-lubricated bearings. This is a necessity in order for them to function optimally. Also, inspect all your couplings and look for leaks. These checks should be performed annually, preferably by a commercial plumbing Sacramento CA technician. A commercial plumber understands the unique needs of commercial facilities and knows that the plumbing must stand the test of time and repeated use.

Optimize Efficiency

Your plumbing needs to be tweaked in order to run efficiently. Fire test your water heaters and boilers periodically. Use the flue-gas analysis to adjust the draft and combustion air input. This helps to optimize their efficiency. This specific test must be used to get optimal results. Make sure that a commercial plumber performs in-depth tests and maintenance tweaks. Commercial facilities need to run efficiently to keep cost down. Often, the plumbing in these facilities is extremely expansive requiring the proper maintenance and care to keep things functioning as they should.

Don’t Forget the Water Fountains

Make sure the motor bearings are properly lubricated in your drinking water chillers. This should be part of the recommended annual maintenance. Check all your contacts for wear and tear as well as pitting and make any changes as needed. Run all your system control tests as well. Remove old refrigerant and drain and replace the oil in the compressor. This should include filters, strainers, and traps. A commercial plumber should have the knowledge and experience needed to perform all these tasks without a problem. These tweaks are necessary to keep any commercial facility’s plumbing system running well and without problems.

The plumbing in commercial facilities must be able to withstand repeated heavy use by many people. This is why proper care and maintenance is so important. A commercial plumber understands the impact that repeated rigorous use can have on the plumbing in any facility and knows how to tweak and prep a facility so that it continues to function as it should day after day, year after year. Anything less than proper maintenance and care means that a facility could have certain system break down at an inopportune time costing a business a lot of money and inconveniencing both patrons and employees. Routine maintenance and care keep commercial facilities operating the way they should.