Home Vegetable Gardening

Tomatoes rank first as the most popular item to grow in a home vegetable garden. Although botanically they are classified as a fruit, most people refer to them as vegetables. Regardless of what you call them, there are literally thousands of varieties to choose from. You can get them in the small variety such as cherry, grape or roma up through the big boys like beefsteak and each of those choices come in a widening array of colors. Whew! That’s a lot to think about right?

Not really. The number one recommendation of what to grow from many, if not all, of the vegetable gardeners I speak with at my vegetable gardening Facebook fan page is a simple straight forward one. Grow what you will eat. Don’t waste your time growing tomatoes that will just end up in the compost pile. The idea of growing your own food is to save money and grow food you like to eat.

With all of that said, most tomato varieties have weak stems. In other words the tomatoes produced are too heavy for the support system that the plant itself provides and will, therefore, lead the plant to fall

Creative Uses for Garden Trellises


Garden trellises can do wonders for any outdoor space: their height makes them ideal focal points, lending an architectural feel that looks beautiful as well as serving a practical purpose. Most people simply think of them either as decorative accents or utilitarian plant supports, but in fact they have myriad uses in the garden that you may not have previously considered. These graceful, charming Home and garden accents come in handy as solutions for many problems gardeners face when trying to make their garden the best it can be.

A common issue many gardeners come across is the matter of air conditioners, trash bins, oil tanks, pipes, wires or other items that are unsightly but necessary. These items can become eyesores in an otherwise beautiful setting, drawing attention away from your lovely flowers and carefully chosen accents. Garden trellises can act as screens to shield these unattractive items from view, providing instead a striking silhouette covered in climbing vines. A great way to use garden trellises to hide such items while still having easy access is to stick the trellises into garden pots